Be There Now: Build in Stages

Once you have purchased property you love, you may feel motivated to build your log and timber home sooner rather than later. You bought your land because you want to be there rather than just looking forward to being there. However, there are often legitimate reasons to wait to build your dream home on that perfect acreage. This puts you at the mercy of opposing forces: you want to build now, but need to build later. The solution? Build in stages.

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Carriage House

Building a smaller structure that will one day become part of your larger home is a great way to get onto your land and start enjoying it sooner. A carriage house is a great option. Essentially a two-story garage, it provides parking and storage on the first level and living space on the second. A footprint of less than 1,000 square feet can accommodate a comfortable studio apartment now. This apartment can serve as a luxurious guest suite when the rest of the house is built. Whether the carriage house remains a stand-alone building or is eventually connected to the larger house, the space certainly will not go to waste.

Other Options

Depending on how often you will use it and how adventurous you are, other types of structures could also serve as your first living space. If you are dreaming of a spacious outdoor living area, a covered, open-air structure would provide a comfortable place to “camp out” on your property before – and even during – your home’s construction. Include an outdoor fireplace and perhaps a screened-in eating area, and you have the makings of a fantastic outdoor kitchen down the road. Likewise, if you are planning a barn, whether for storage, parties or livestock, building it before the house will give you a place to “rough-it” comfortably while enjoying all your property has to offer.

Another way to build in stages is to leave the accessory buildings for later. Perhaps the garage can wait, or the in-law wing you’re planning can remain unfinished for a while. Whatever option you choose, building in stages can help you start living your dream today.

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