What Should I Know About Local Covenants or Design Review Boards?

Before you invest time and energy into the design process, it is important to know of any restrictions that may affect your design. Restrictions often come from the county, the city, or the rules of your development. A team who can identify and work within these parameters will minimize issues when you start to request building permits.

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Locations that Allow Flexibility in Design

It is unlikely that you will need to worry about design restrictions if you are building:

  • in a remote area,
  • on private land,
  • or have limited county or district restrictions.

Even so, you should not assume that your design is covenant-free even if your property is one of the above. A little investigation upfront can save a lot of time later down the road.

Areas with Moderate Design Regulations

If building in a development, or within county or city limits, you may be subject to specific requirements. Example requirements include the type, size, and style of your log home or timber home. Some developments may specify exterior and/or interior design elements and materials. Knowing the unique parameters of your site will help your team design your home right the first time.

Developments with Specific Requirements

There are many developments, particularly in resort communities, which require you to have your plan approved by a design review board. In these cases, it is imperative that your architectural designer is aware of all the requirements and restrictions before he starts work on your home. Even after the design is complete, the board may ask that you provide a 3-D model or other documentation in addition to your detailed drawings. This can be a strenuous process. However, you will minimize surprises and delays once the review board starts to evaluate your home if you understand what is required up front.

Understanding the design requirements of your build location is a very important aspect of the home design process. Make sure your architectural design team has performed their due diligence so they know about any restrictions in advance. At PrecisionCraft and M-T-N Design, we have experience creating homes with and without restrictions, and will guide you through the design process and into permitting smoothly.

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