Which Log Style is Better – Handcrafted or Milled ?

The answer to the log style question is ‘It Depends.’ What does your dream log home look like? Do the logs vary in size and have a rustic finish? Or are the logs smooth and uniform sizes? Are the logs round? Or are they square, rectangular, or ‘D’ shaped?

Here are three factors to consider when deciding between designing and building a handcrafted log home or a milled log home.

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Look and Feel

Handcrafted log homes are synonymous with beauty and artistry. Each log is tapered, hand-peeled, and set in place. Oftentimes, large character posts are a defining, architectural feature of handcrafted log homes. The hand-hewn texture and variation in log diameter along with the necessary chinking adds rustic authenticity to handcrafted log homes.

If you prefer a more modern, sleek look to your logs, a milled log home may be for you. Milled logs offer different profiles, such as square, round, rectangular and ‘D,’ from which to choose. Each log profile gives a distinct look to your home. For a more rustic feel, adzing or draw knife texture and decorative chinking may be added to your modern milled log home.

Timeline Effects

When you design and build a handcrafted log home with PrecisionCraft, your custom home is crafted by a team of experts. Each log is cut and hand-peeled by hand. Then, your home is meticulously pre-assembled at our shop in Idaho to ensure a proper fit of each log. The detailed work of producing a handcrafted log home takes several months.

If timeline is an important factor in deciding what style to choose for your custom home, consider a milled log. The use of CNC machines to precisely mill the logs ensures a proper fit. It also speeds up the fabrication and installation process.

Cost Comparison

Another factor to consider when deciding between handcrafted and milled log homes is cost. Handcrafted logs are hand peeled, cut, and intricately placed prior to shipment to your build site. Therefore, the creation of a handcrafted home takes a bit longer than a milled home. As a result, the cost is higher.

When it is all said and done, making a decision on which log style is best for you and your family is determined by your taste, budget, and timeline.

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