Working Remotely in Luxury

According to two surveys of American workers conducted in April and May, Erik Brynjolfsson and colleagues discovered that half the American workforce is working from home. [i] Some of the companies leading the charge for working at home through 2021, as listed by Business Insider, include Google, Microsoft, Indeed, Zillow, Facebook, Airbnb and others. In fact, these companies are even giving their employees the choice to work from home indefinitely if they so choose. [ii]

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For this reason, many workers have taken the opportunity to relocate to where they want to be, either temporarily or permanently. For example, Airbnb is seeing plenty of indicators that more people are taking their remote working situations on the road. Some families are escaping large cities by renting out entire, rural houses for months at a time. [iii] At PrecisionCraft, we are experiencing an uptick in clients who are building their escape home. One of the top items on their design list is the home office.

The Necessity of Home Offices

Home offices need to provide you with a designated place to complete business responsibilities while away from the office. On the practical side, it is imperative that your home office function well enough for you to maintain the same level of productivity you have in the actual office. On the other hand, adding luxurious touches will keep the space from feeling too sterile and allow it to blend with the rest of the home.

Our degreed architects know exactly how to not only make a functional and professional space, but also how to tie it into the rest of the house. While many home offices can be thrown together out of last-minute necessity, at PrecisionCraft, we give special attention to designing your office as an essential part of your home.

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Designing Your Custom Home Office

As we design your home, creating a designated workspace is important. While it is easy to tuck a desk and chair into any small corner, having a set place to work helps improve productivity and motivation. It is also important that this space be quiet and secluded. This way you can make calls and host video conferences without fear of interruptions or background noises. Another essential part of any home office is natural light. Whether it is from a window or skylight, natural light helps you stay energized throughout your day.

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The colors and tones in your office should blend with, and be dependent upon, the home’s overall design style. It may be best to allow the wood tones to come from the floor, desk, or better yet, your timbers. Other homes may use energizing colors in their offices to liven up the space.

Another thing to consider is what your background will be on a video conference. A bookshelf or art piece will most likely make a better background than a mirror or hallway.

Ultimately, the most important element of a home office is creating a space you want to spend your time in. To do this, having a flexible workspace is essential. For example, while hosting a video conference from your desk works great, you may prefer to make a call from a comfortable lounge chair elsewhere in the office. Having mobility is an important part of creating a productive workspace.

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Working Where You Want

At PrecisionCraft, it is our goal to design a beautiful and functional home to meet each of our client’s needs. For some, being home is your favorite place to be. That is why you can trust us to create a place where you can live and work where you want, at home, in luxury.

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