Building a Log or Timber Home in New Brunswick


Vanessa’s passion for construction started during her younger years when she spent time at her father’s construction company. The exposure to the industry at a young age sparked a deep interest in her that would continue to grow. Vanessa pursued a bachelor’s degree in management. Her hard work paid off when she partnered with an asphalt and snow removal company in Montreal. Following this, she moved to Toronto, where she spent over three years working as a construction specialist refining her skills and expertise.

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New Brunswick

The landscape of the Maritimes is an ideal fit for a custom log or timber home cottage. Whether you plan to build near the Appalachian Range or along the many miles of shoreline, PrecisionCraft and M-T-N Design will design a home to match your unique Atlantic Canada location.

Featured Projects

This custom timber home was built in Quebec, as a weekend getaway. If you plan to build a vacation home in the Maritimes, let PrecisionCraft show you what is possible.

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