Nova Scotia Log and Timber Homes


Vanessa’s passion for construction started during her younger years when she spent time at her father’s construction company. The exposure to the industry at a young age sparked a deep interest in her that would continue to grow. Vanessa pursued a bachelor’s degree in management. Her hard work paid off when she partnered with an asphalt and snow removal company in Montreal. Following this, she moved to Toronto, where she spent over three years working as a construction specialist refining her skills and expertise.

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Nova Scotia

Using our exclusive Total Home SolutionSM, PrecisionCraft guides our Nova Scotia clients through the home building process, from initial design through construction. There are a number opportunities to build log and timber homes in the growing province of Nova Scotia – for locals as well as European visitors.

Featured Projects

Using the Caribou as inspiration for their cozy timber frame cottage, the owners will enjoy year-round views of the bay and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. And the energy-efficient SIP enclosure will keep them warm and comfortable, even on the coldest winter days.

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Mont-Tremblant, where this timber home was built, has something in common with Nova Scotia. Many of the vacation homes are built by people outside the region, such as Europe or the United States. PrecisionCraft’s international expertise is a great asset to our clients.

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