Building a Log or Timber Home in Quebec


Vanessa’s passion for construction started during her younger years when she spent time at her father’s construction company. The exposure to the industry at a young age sparked a deep interest in her that would continue to grow. Vanessa pursued a bachelor’s degree in management. Her hard work paid off when she partnered with an asphalt and snow removal company in Montreal. Following this, she moved to Toronto, where she spent over three years working as a construction specialist refining her skills and expertise.

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As Canada’s largest province, Quebec offers a range of locations to build your custom log or timber home. Just outside of Quebec City and Montreal are rivers, plains, and mountains where you can build the perfect mountain home to escape from the city.

Featured Projects

Nestled in the foothills of Mont-Tremblant, this timber frame home is based on our Dakota floor plan and was designed to accommodate a large family for a ski getaway at the nearby resort.

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Quebec Hot Spots: Perfect for Your Timber Frame or Log Home


Nestled between the St. Lawrence River and Rivière des Prairies, Montreal is one of the most unique cities in North America. Known for mixing traditional European character with modern living, Montreal is an ideal location for building a modern day log home or timber home. The surrounding mountain and waterfront landscapes make for impressive views from your great room window.


Escape to the mountains and relax in your custom chalet. A premier destination since the 18th century, Mont-Tremblant offers recreational opportunities all year round. This four-season resort town is a perfect location for building a rustic log or timber frame home.