Building a Log or Timber Home in Saskatchewan


Brent Cooper is the Sales Manager for PFB Custom Homes Group, which includes PrecisionCraft Log and Timber Homes.

"If you have any questions about building a PrecisionCraft home in your country, please contact me and I can talk through the process with you."

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Log homes and timber frame homes fit well with the Saskatchewan landscape, from Cypress Hills, to Lake Diefenbaker and up to the Northern Lakes. PrecisionCraft and M-T-N Design can help you create a rustic log home or spacious timber frame home that blends seamlessly with your property in “Living Skies” country.

Featured Projects

Located in British Columbia, this hybrid log and timber home is only one example of the kind of log and timber cottages PrecisionCraft has built in Canada over the last 30 years.

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If timber framing is your preferred mountain style, check out images of this Canadian home under construction. It can give you ideas for what your custom home in Saskatchewan could look like.

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