Building a Log or Timber Home in Rhode Island


Mark Camper has been with PrecisionCraft since 1996. He still gets excited each day to use his invaluable experience to guide his clients through our unique home building process - our Total Home Solution .

"One of the biggest changes I have seen over the years has been how we communicate with our clients. In addition to meeting face to face, I can keep in contact, answering questions and provide feedback at a moment's notice. There are not many issue that I have not seen and found a way to make work. I look forward to meeting the next family who is ready to start the journey to their custom log or timber home."

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Log and Timber Frame Homes in Rhode Island

PrecisionCraft has built many custom log and timber homes in the New England area. Whether you plan to build in Blackstone Valley’s rich woods or near historical town of Providence, PrecisionCraft can help you achieve your log cabin or timber home dream in Rhode Island.

Featured Projects

This milled log cabin was elevated to capture the Rhode Island views without having to remove any trees. In the summer the trees provide shade and beautiful foliage.

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