Modern Mountain Log And Timber

Modern Mountain Log and Timber Homes

When you mix modern style with mountain architecture, the result is a stunning contemporary home that blends organically into its natural surroundings. Our Mountain Modern™ designs capture the spirit of mountain architecture, which results in truly unique homes for our clients.

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Design Characteristics of Modern Mountain Homes

Our Mountain Modern™ series encapsulates the striking features of contemporary homes while honoring the natural landscape. These homes feel sculpturesque against their backdrops and create cohesiveness with mountain vistas, trees and rolling hills. Common characteristics of these homes include:

  • Angular log walls and timber frame structures
  • Flat, sloping roof lines
  • Large walls of glass that blur the lines between interior and exterior spaces
  • Integration of metal accents such as steel and copper
  • Emphasis on natural textures like wood and stone

Mountain Modern™ luxury homes are reminiscent of remote lodge getaways dedicated to outdoor activities like skiing and hiking. While these homes reflect the ruggedness and cozy appeal of these retreats, they also offer a high-end feel with larger footprints, extravagant windows and open interior spaces.

Many modern mountain homes feature one or multiple porches and balconies for admiring the outdoors, especially at sunrise and sunset. The large walls of glass allow you to experience the stunning natural views as you lounge in the living areas, making the surroundings part of your interior design.

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Modern Mountain Floor Plans

M.T.N Design has built a reputation for creative mountain style floor plans. Our signature look combines authentic log and timber with stone, metal and glass, fitting perfectly with the emergence of this Mountain Modern™ architectural style. M.T.N has created a series of contemporary mountain floor plans that showcase the type of home we can create for you.

The Mountain Modern™ series includes highly contemporary plans and homes balanced with more classic mountain living features. Plans like Alta, Crescent Rim and Nelson embody contemporary elements beautifully with sleek siding, asymmetrical roof lines and large windows that follow arches and angles. When you’re looking for a sculpturesque mountain home, these plans stand out against natural surroundings.

Bold, unique angles are recurring themes in our Mountain Modern™ series. You can see these angles at play in plans like Cascade and Edgewood. Dramatic roof lines give the homes an artistic feel, while large windows and exposed wood elements align each property with the natural surroundings. These plans also offer tall ceilings that create stunning great rooms with views of the outdoors.

Browse Mountain Modern™ homes with a clear balance between contemporary and classic. Plans like Breckenridge, Swan Valley and Washington Harbor offer extravagance with large footprints and bold roof lines. Yet these homes are still true to traditional mountain styles with large wraparound porches and excellent use of stone and exposed wood. Enjoy modern windows and open floor plans balanced with classic details.

Mountain Modern™ Series


Many of our log and timber homes have been inspired by modern design elements. While our floor plans give you a sense of what we can do, we’re not limited to these designs. We’ve completed many custom projects that have their own personalities backed by contemporary features and our notable log and timber designs.¬†View photo galleries of these modern mountain home projects.

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The Benefits of Modern Mountain Log and Timber Frame Homes

Our Mountain Modern™ homes boast more than stylish roof lines and stunning windows. Notable benefits of this design style include:

  • Fully custom: Our modern mountain homes are designed for your unique lifestyle. Work with one of our floor plans, or collaborate with our design team to start from scratch. We can help you incorporate modern mountain design elements so your home reflects your style. Your one-of-a-kind property will stand out beautifully among your site’s natural surroundings.
  • Design flexibility: While modern mountain homes do have a specific design quality, you’re not limited to this style alone. Modern mountain homes work well with all types of interior design influences. Bring in mid-century modern elements or industrial details to complement your home’s exterior. Alternatively, you can incorporate more traditional mountain getaway elements, like large leather furniture and reclaimed wood pieces. The interior design flexibility of your modern mountain home allows you to modify your space whenever you’re looking for a different feel.
  • Incredible craftsmanship: We can create your luxury mountain home with handcrafted logs, timber framing or a combination of the two. Both processes demand precision and close attention to detail. The craftsmanship behind these properties speaks to their true value and artistry. Timber framing and hand-peeled logs showcase the warm, stunning textures of wood. The intricate details in your roof lines and entryways highlight the time and thought required to bring your home to life.
  • Built for longevity: Timber framing and handcrafted logs offer a stylish, natural look in addition to impressive durability. Timber framing features mortise and tenon that expertly join pieces together for unshakeable stability. Hand-hewn logs feature chinking to fill in the gaps and create airtight spaces. With structural insulated panels (SIPs) from our sister company, Insulspan, we’re able to add even more durability with energy-efficient performance.

Start Designing Your Luxury Mountain Home

PrecisionCraft is a professional team of designers and craftsmen who work tirelessly to bring your dream home to life. Through collaboration and commitment, our experts can take your ideas and create a remarkable floor plan that aligns with your lifestyle. With our fantastic selection of modern mountain home plans available, you can find a strong starting point for your design.

Our team offers thoughtful and artistic solutions to create what are truly works of art. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our process and start designing your custom modern mountain retreat.

Award Winning Modern Mountain Homes

PrecisionCraft has won home excellence awards for all types of mountain home styles throughout the years. Check out our awards below and see why you’re getting the premier choice for a Modern Mountain Home.


Check out our most recent awards from 2023:

Tributary Residence: 2023 Excellence in Timber Home Design (2,001 to 3,000 sq.ft.) – NAHB Building Systems Councils

Big Sky Residence: 2023 Excellence in Timber Home Design (3,001 to 4,000 sq.ft.) – NAHB Building Systems Councils

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