customize an existing plan

Each of the floor plans presented in our gallery are conceptual plans. Conceptual plans are meant to be starting points for the design process, and are rarely built as-is. You can customize a plan in any way, including the type of product, layout, and architectural style. Below we have compiled a few examples to help illustrate how you might modify an existing design concept.

design from scratch

If you do not find a plan that matches enough of your needs, or you already have an idea of what you want, M.T.N can design your home for you from scratch. M.T.N is an award-winning, in-house firm that has the creative talent and technical expertise to bring your dream home to life.

choose a product type

Any of the floor plan concepts in our gallery can be reconfigured to use any of our products, including milled log, handcrafted log, timber frame and hybrid combinations. Select a product style in the example below (our Caribou log home design) to see how that structure might look if it were redrawn.

Handcrafted Caribou
Handcrafted Caribou Materials
Milled Caribou
Milled Caribou Materials
Timber Frame Caribou
Timber Frame Caribou Materials
Hybrid Caribou
Hybrid Caribou Materials

adjust the layout

You may find a layout that is almost perfect and only requires minor modifications. Or you may use an existing layout as a starting point and make major changes. Below is an example of how one client chose to modify our Blue Ridge log home plan. The colors correspond to similar sections of the original design.

Original Blue Ridge layout
Altered Blue Ridge Layout

modify the exterior

Exterior elevations will change, based on alterations made to both the layout and the product you select. You can make additional changes to areas like window configurations, finish types and entryways to further update the exterior architectural style.

Original Blue Ridge Exterior
Alternate Blue Ridge Exterior