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Where you reside and where you choose to build your PrecisionCraft home may be two different locations. In the United States, for example, approximately fifty percent of our clients design and build their luxury homes somewhere other than their current state of residence.

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Over the last (nearly) thirty years, we have come to know some regions of the world more than others. This is because our clients often determine their homes’ future locations using similar considerations, i.e., weather, view, metropolitan access, privacy, permitting, et cetera. Consequently, this selection criteria led to several regions around the globe where PrecisionCraft returns time and time again. It is, for this reason, we are highlighting certain corners of the world in a series of articles.


In our previous installment, we shared the many benefits of America’s Pacific Northwest region, specifically, Puget Sound in Washington. The system of estuaries is one of PrecisionCraft’s busiest building areas as of this writing. Indeed, several custom homes are in various stages of planning, designing, and building. If you missed the feature on Puget Sound, click here.

This article shares the sure appeal of America’s “Centennial State,” Colorado. We hope you receive insight into why you may wish to consider Colorado for your luxury PrecisionCraft residence.

There Is Something About Colorado…

Colorado is home to more PrecisionCraft luxury residences than any other state in America (i). Famous for its significant share of the Rocky Mountains in its western half; arid, high plains in its eastern half; and the dramatic waters of the Colorado River, Colorado is quintessential “American West.” With less than six million people in a space of approximately 270,000 kilometers squared, (just under 105,000 square miles), Colorado’s storied peaks, plains, and rivers attract millions of visitors year-round.

Horseshoe Bend in the Colorado River, Page, Arizona by Paul Hermans, Own work [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0]
While Colorado may not be the first location in the United States you picture when thinking of the American West, you may wish to take a second look. This is because, in addition to its complex topography and rich history, Colorado is home to the bustling metropolis of Denver, the “Mile High City.”  Perhaps best of all, Colorado boasts an astonishing 53 peaks that are 14,000 feet (4,267 m) or higher in elevation. (ii)

Why Build in Colorado?

It is no exaggeration to write: Colorado has something for everyone. Noted for its diverse geography, the state offers any view one’s heart desires. It also affords as much (or as little) privacy as desired. Its world-renowned ski slopes, cultural amenities, and Western America’s rugged appeal are only enhanced by its adjacency to the American Midwest’s congeniality, an attitude Colorado easily embraces.

Additionally, Colorado’s complex climate means micro-climates abound (Clotfelter, 2008), allowing you to (within reason) determine what you wish to experience as it relates to wind, thunderstorms, and yes, even snow. Avid skiers can expect powder galore by selecting a parcel in the mountainous western half of the State while those with water activities at the top of their list will find satisfaction in land abutting one of Colorado’s many rivers, reservoirs, or lakes. Regardless of where your passions lie, your Precision Craft home will perfectly match your property and your lifestyle.

What Should You Build in Colorado?

It will come as no surprise that traditional, mountain-style homes comprise the majority of PrecisionCraft’s Colorado projects(iii). This is partially due to our well-known expertise in designing and building luxury log and timber mountain style homes. But, Colorado itself has a defining role here as well. The state’s landscape, though undeniably diverse, has a common, underlying feel to it of being wholly American. Thus, our complete range of authentic mountain-style homes and a full complement of materials beautifully blend into Colorado. Let us explore and compare two mountain-style, luxury projects in Colorado.

Colorado Luxury Homes

Colorado Post and Beam Residence Inspired by PrecisionCraft’s Truckee Concept

The Evergreen, Colorado handcrafted log post and beam luxury home shown above was featured in Log Home Living magazine’s “Best of…” issue the very year it was built. Its traditional, rustic appeal is enhanced by textures such as stone and vertical siding. Should you decide handcrafted log post and beam is of interest to you, please visit the gallery of this “Excellence in Log Home Design” winner (iv) here.

Unlike the Evergreen residence, the South Fork, Colorado luxury home seen below showcases the stunning possibilities of milled logs.

Colorado Milled Log Residence Inspired by PrecisionCraft’s Blue Ridge Concept

This home’s stone chimney, shed dormers, and cascading roof-line nod to our Appalachian Legacy architectural style, though it is at home in any mountain range. Awarded the National Association of Home Builders, Building Systems Councils “Excellence in Log Home Design”, this home’s interior, including its massive log posts, should not be missed. Its great room is shown below. See our complete gallery here.

Great Room of South Fork, Colorado Residence by PrecisionCraft
Great Room of South Fork, Colorado Residence by PrecisionCraft

Our in-house architectural designers at M-T-N Design have, in fact, earned so many awards from Colorado homes, that the state itself could be considered a good-luck charm, a thought PrecisionCraft Colorado client representative, Todd Gailey, does not deny.

Meet The Colorado Client Representative

With over 20 years of experience at PrecisionCraft, Todd Gailey has represented hundreds of clients in Colorado. Over time, Todd has come to believe Colorado is special indeed. “Our Colorado homes seem to stand out,” he admits. “I don’t know if it’s the scenery or our clients, but these homes have a certain flair when they are finished.” Todd says he enjoys his frequent travels to Colorado, always looking forward to meeting new clients.

He says clients who are less familiar with the state are an added delight, explaining, “Most people think of the Rocky Mountains and famous resorts like Aspen when they hear Colorado, but there are great places to build all over the state.” With his long PrecisionCraft tenure and 200-plus Colorado luxury projects to remember, Todd can help you build or find a builder for your log, timber, or hybrid home. Contemplating Colorado for your PrecisionCraft project? You may wish to connect with Todd on LinkedIn here.

A Final Thought

Creating custom luxury homes is intrinsic to PrecisionCraft. We look to nature, and the materials found there, to design our signature homes. When we are in Colorado, we are never short on inspiration– and you won’t be either.

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Please return in two weeks when we discover the Blue Ridge Mountains of the eastern United States.

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Colorado River photo notes: Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona by Paul Hermans, 27, September 2012 or CC BY-SA 3.0, from Wikimedia Commons

(i) PrecisionCraft has nearly 300 finished homes in Colorado.

(ii) Additional details about the “Fourteeners”

(iii) Not all Colorado projects are log homes or traditional mountain-style. See our timber frame Steamboat Springs residence. View the artistic rendering of the more modern Silverton conceptual design

(iv) Evergreen Co home note:2016 Excellence in Log Home Design – NAHB Building Systems Councils

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