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What is an Hybrid Home?

After entering the modern lexicon, the term hybrid evolved. Today, it applies to many different things. Thus, you are most likely familiar with hybrid vehicles, hybrid plants, and even hybrid dogs. (Think labradoodle.) The word hybrid, however, equally applies to …
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How Long Until My Log Home is Built?

Perhaps you have been considering a new log or timber home for years. Maybe today you secured the perfect piece of land. Now, you are imagining all the ways in which you will enjoy your new home. Inevitably, this results …
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Design for Today, Protect for Tomorrow

As you contemplate your log or timber luxury residence, perhaps you find yourself thinking about what your entry will look like or what view will greet you from your master suite windows. Or, maybe your thoughts first turn to the …
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How to Define a Log Cabin

Spending time at a log cabin means different things to different people. Some fill their days with outdoor activities; others treat their cabin as a sanctuary for relaxing moments. Still others do both of these things. Few of us would …
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