Three Reasons to Choose BuilderSelect™

Entrusting PrecisionCraft to design and build your log or timber home simply reflects prudent decision-making. One reason why is our variety of construction solutions. And, while all our construction solutions lead to successfully completed projects, our BuilderSelect™ construction solution remains the most popular.

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The BuilderSelect™ construction solution includes services providing many tangible benefits such as saving money. It also offers intangible, but no less important, ones like stress reduction. The benefits of BuilderSelect™ are a direct result of the solution’s components: Builder Due Diligence™, Cost Controls, and Site Inspections. This article looks at each of the services included in BuilderSelect™ so you can determine if it is the appropriate construction solution for your next custom home.

Builder Due Diligence™: Reason Number One

We have written about the CQT Triangle in the past. For those familiar with this concept, it will come as no surprise to read it listed here as a primary reason to choose BuilderSelect™. After all, the evaluation of potential builders for your luxury home is serious business. This is particularly true when it applies to projects of the magnitude of PrecisionCraft’s.

Understanding the CQT Triangle is important when choosing a builder

The CQT Triangle exists to aid PrecisionCraft clients in finding a qualified builder for their project by evaluating builder candidates in terms of cost, quality, and time. It facilitates a project’s ultimate success because it not only provides all the information needed in order to make the decision but also because it manages the bidding process on behalf of the client. Clients who choose BuilderSelect™ as their construction solution receive the help they need in finding, vetting, and ultimately deciding which qualified builder they should hire. This service of BuilderSelect™ is known as Builder Due Diligence™ and the CQT Triangle is an important element of it.

Cost Controls: Reason Number Two

By choosing BuilderSelect™ as your construction solution, the service rises up to protect your turnkey budget by exercising robust cost control. The Cost Control component, as related to bids on your project, boasts a two-step approach that begins with an In-Depth, whole-home Cost Estimate and completes with your Final Control Estimate.

The in-depth, whole-home cost estimate is based on your construction documents and uses third-party estimating software. It is performed by your dedicated PrecisionCraft project manager. After bids for your project have been received and reviewed by your project manager, they are presented to you for your decision. Once you select a builder, the bid that the company provides becomes your Final Control Estimate. This Final Control Estimate allows you to compare actual costs to the bid you previously received. It is worth remembering that BuilderSelect™ exists to help you receive the best bid and Cost Controls are an essential part of the process.

Site Inspections: Reason Number Three

BuilderSelect™ services include multiple site inspections throughout the process

Another reason to go with BuilderSelect™ as your construction solution is because BuilderSelect™ includes Site Inspections aligned with key milestones during the construction phase of your project. These milestone inspections include: foundation, structural shell, and an energy audit. Ensuring your home is built in compliance with your engineered construction documents is important, and these inspections confirm specifications are met throughout your home’s construction. Each inspection is conducted or coordinated by your PrecisionCraft project manager.

The various Site Inspections of BuilderSelect™ verify the quality of your home’s construction. They also give you peace of mind and assist in ensuring you received the best value.

While there are more than three reasons to choose BuilderSelect™ as the construction solution for your log, timber, or hybrid project, the Builder Due Diligence™, Cost Controls, and Site Inspections services offered as part of the solution are compelling. Let the experts at PrecisionCraft help you obtain the best bid to build your custom home, assist in managing your building costs, and aid in a smoother construction process by opting for BuilderSelect™ on your log or timber residence.

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