Creating Beautiful Wood Homes

PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes offers clients a wide range of product styles for constructing their custom home. Some prefer a milled log, while others like timber frame. Have you ever wondered what the process is for creating your beautiful wood home once you select the style of your custom home?

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Milled Log Homes

When you choose to build a milled log home, the creation of your wood home is quick and precise. Your home’s design and log framing is transferred from concept to detailed construction drawings and shop specifications. Computerized machines use these specs to cut your home, one log at a time, while pre-drilling for our patented non-settling system. Each log is bar-coded and bunked with logs that will be erected at the same time. The bunks are shipped to your build site where PrecisionCraft’s professional stacking crews erect your log home on the foundation.

Handcrafted Log Homes

The beauty of handcrafted log homes is found in the size and rustic nature of the logs. This look is achieved by hand-peeling the logs and cutting each notch by hand. With a PrecisionCraft handcrafted log home, detailed construction drawings are used by our seasoned handcrafters as they cut and place each log expertly into place, right here on our lot. Once our craftsman have the logs together, they drill for our Handcrafted Non-settling System. Then, just as they put it together, they disassemble the home’s logs directly onto the trucks that will transport them. They then travel to your build site and begin the task of installing the logs on your foundation, including the steel pipe and caps that prevent your home from settling.

Timber Frame Homes

Your timber frame home begins in much the same way as a milled log home. This time the detailed drawings are used by the CNC Hundegger machine. This machine will cut the detailed arches and angles that make a timber home so beautiful. These timber pieces are hand-fitted by a talented crew of woodworkers using modern Timberlinx connectors and wood peg covers. Once the timbers are perfect, they are disassembled and sent to your site. Once again, PrecisionCraft’s professional crew will arrive at your site with the timbers and assemble the frame.

Hybrid Homes

A PrecisionCraft hybrid log and timber home combines log and timber elements together to create beautiful wood homes. Because the PrecisionCraft team of experts designs, produces, and installs the logs and timbers, installation of your hybrid home is seamless, efficient, and cost effective.

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