mountain style home

mountain style homes

PrecisionCraft is known for creating amazing log and timber homes that are inspired by the diverse mountain ranges of North America. We look to nature, and the materials found there, to design our signature mountain style homes. PrecisionCraft is able to provide our clients with a full range of authentic mountain style homes because of our comprehensive product line and award-winning design team.

Handcrafted Log Home

handcrafted log homes

One of the most authentic options for achieving a true mountain style is to build a handcrafted log home. Each individual log is hand-peeled and cut to fit in the exact space needed. The draw-knife marks, chinking between the log courses and sheer size of the logs hearken back to the rustic days of old, when pioneers first created homesteads.

handcrafted log homes Handcrafted Floor Plans
Timber Frame Home

timber frame homes

PrecisionCraft timber frame homes are built using heavy timbers which reflect their rugged surroundings. We choose materials, such as stone, shake or stucco to help define the individual style of each timber home in its environment. Our award-winning design group can help you achieve anything from a Mountain Modern™ look with sloping rooflines and walls of glass, to a mountain home design that is reminiscent of old mining towns.

timber frame homes Timber Frame Floor Plans
Hybrid Log and Timber Frame Home

hybrid log & timber frame homes

PrecisionCraft’s hybrid log and timber homes mix two building styles to create one-of-a-kind signature homes. Our unique building system allows us to incorporate any of our product lines together in a single structure. This flexibility opens the creative doors for our design team to create your unique mountain style home - exactly as you envision it.

hybrid log & timber homes Hybrid Floor Plans
Milled Log Home

milled log homes

Modern technology has given us flexibility in designing today’s greatest milled log homes. While round milled logs are a great alternative to handcrafted logs, milling also gives us the ability to cut square log walls, and “D” log walls which have round profiles outside and flat interiors. Is a milled log home your perfect mountain style cabin?

milled log homes Milled Log Floor Plans
Log Post and Beam Home

log post & beam homes

Log post and beam construction utilizes large-diameter log posts and beams instead of traditional horizontal log walls. The result is a gorgeous wood home with a character all its own. Contemporary interior walls are framed in warm wood hues and exterior walls can have a variety of finishes, including stucco, shake, siding or stone.

log post & beam homes