Timber frame home

timber frame homes - Post and Beam

Timber framing gives you the flexibility to build the style of mountain home that fits you best - from a rustic heavy timber cabin to a modern architectural masterpiece. Whether you sit by the stone fireplace and gaze up at massive timber trusses or relax in a sophisticated kitchen surrounded by sleek timber post and beams, you are reminded of the true beauty of nature.

characteristics of a timber frame home

  • Timber posts, beams and trusses are square or rectangular
  • All or just part of the entire structure of the home can contain timber framing
  • Timbers can be smooth or texture can be added by adzing
  • Our timbers are connected with shallow mortise and tenons using interior steel pins
  • Timber structures are drawn specifically for each home and can vary in style and density
timber frame home photos
Characteristics of a timber frame home

timber frame designs & floor plans

If you are interested in a custom-designed timber frame home, PrecisionCraft’s in-house firm, M.T.N Design is a premier timber home designer and can work with you to create a custom layout.

Floor Plan Concepts

You can also browse our floor plan gallery to get ideas. Each of our plans were originally imagined using one of our product lines, but ANY of our plans can be redrawn as a timber frame home.

floor plan concepts custom design
Timber frame floor plans

building a timber frame home

  • Timbers are cut by a CNC machine based on the production drawings created from your original design
  • Trusses are fit by hand in our shop and pre-drilled for the steel pins that will hold the sections together
  • The timber pieces are bunked together and prepared for shipment to the job site
  • PrecisionCraft crews arrive at the site to expertly install the timber structure on the foundation
  • As construction is completed, the steel pins are tightened if necessary and then covered by a wooden peg, hiding them from view
wood home fabrication
Timber frame home installation

Structural Envelope of a
Timber Frame Home

PrecisionCraft timber frame homes use the best and most efficient building methods to deliver you the highest quality home possible. This includes:

  • ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) in the basement or conditioned crawlspace.
  • Authentic timber framing
  • SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) walls and roof
structural shell energy efficiency
SIPs wrapped around a timber frame home

timber framing vs Timber post and Beam

What is the difference between timber framing and timber post and beam?

  • Many people use the terms interchangeably, however the true terminology describes two different methods for building a timber home.
  • They both use square timbers but how they are connected to each other is different.
  • Post and beam frames are not fit together, instead the beams sit atop the posts or pieces are butted up next to each other and are connected by hardware such as metal plates.
  • Timbers that are cut with mortise and tenons and other joinery methods are fit together to create connections. This is called called timber framing.
  • True timber framing has a very unique look, and usually does not require any exposed metal connections, although decorative metal can be added.
timber frame vs post and beam