Cabin Refined™ Log and Timber

Cabin Refined™ Log & Timber Luxury Cabins

When you’re searching for a cozy getaway in nature, a cabin is often the first thought. What if you could elevate these homes into something more deluxe? PrecisionCraft creates stunning getaways by reimagining traditional homes and turning them into custom, high-end properties. Suddenly, your cozy getaway becomes a lavish retreat.

Cozy. Luxurious. Custom. These three simple words capture the essence of the new Cabin Refined™ architectural series by PrecisionCraft. Perfect for families seeking a smaller, mountain style custom log or timber home, these one-of-a-kind, luxury log cabins feature authentic log and timber materials, distinctive finishes and creative architectural elements. Learn more below.

Design Characteristics

The traditional cabin home honors natural elements, heavily emphasizing wood features. Our Cabin Refined™ homes stay true to this classic design with an elevated look. PrecisionCraft specializes in handcrafted log and timber frame homes, which complement this style beautifully. The most common elements of the cabin design style include:

  • Smaller, cozy layouts
  • Majority or all of the square footage is on a single level
  • Distinctive architectural focal points
  • Outdoor spaces designed to seamlessly expand indoor living areas
  • Traditional cabin lifestyle elements, such as lofts, fireplaces and shared spaces are luxuriously appointed

The core theme in our Cabin Refined™ series is warmth. These homes create the perfect environment for warming up by the fire or drinking your morning cup of coffee as you watch the sunrise from your kitchen window. This series often resonates most with people who love the outdoors. Our Cabin Refined™ homes complement the outdoors and make you feel closer to your surroundings.

With large windows and bold wooden features, your luxury custom home blends with the natural landscape. Your home will highlight stunning views of rolling hills and grand mountains, harmonizing perfectly with nearby trees and wildlife. If you love spending time outside, the Cabin Refined™ style lets you bring your favorite elements indoors.

Design Service

Log Cabin Floor Plans

PrecisionCraft’s in-house firm, M-T-N Design, took on the challenge of creating a compelling series of plans to fit the growing demand for homes under 2,500 square feet. These designs go beyond the typical definition of a cabin by incorporating unique architectural elements and creative timber focal points. We invite you to browse these extraordinary floor plan concepts.

While each of these plans offers smaller square footage, they all have a unique personality. Our more classic styles, like Stone Creek and Cody’s Retreat, use simple lines and shapes with traditional porches. These floor plans exude coziness and a picturesque look. Cody’s Retreat is the perfect space for an intimate getaway at 900 square feet.

Many of our Cabin Refined™ floor plans strike a delicate balance between classic and contemporary. Plans like Caribou, Shenandoah and Cumberland emphasize our hand-peeled logs with bold front porches, rafters and roof elements. This traditional feature combines beautifully with sleeker roof lines and large, open windows that make the outdoors a key player in your interior design.

If you’re searching for something fully contemporary, a few of our Cabin Refined™ styles embrace clean lines and angles to bring that stunning modern look to your remote getaway. Durango, Pagosa Springs and Coldwater take cues from mid-century modern roof lines and details. Yet these luxury homes continue to embrace natural textures with log and timber elements throughout.

Cabin Refined™ Series


PrecisionCraft has years of experience bringing luxury log and timber home styles to life. Many of our clients are drawn to Cabin Refined™ floor plans for their classic outdoorsy elements paired with higher-end details, like grand front entrances and large windows.

Get a better idea of how your custom log cabin design might come to life by reviewing a few photos of similar homes in our gallery.

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The Advantages of Our Luxury Log and Timber Homes

A luxury log and timber home from PrecisionCraft offers many notable benefits, including:

  • Cozy and high-end feel: Our Cabin Refined™ homes strike an incredible balance between the cozy traditional style of a cabin and the luxurious feel of a custom mansion. With these two concepts working together, you have a home worthy of your next getaway any time of year. Escape to your custom property and its natural surroundings for a complete refresh.
  • Customization opportunities: Cabin Refined™ floor plans offer plenty of design concepts for your custom log and timber home, and you have the freedom to modify elements as you see fit. You might be searching for a great room with tall ceilings or a large kitchen that opens into your dining space. Use our floor plans as a starting point, and customize the elements until you create your dream home.
  • Stunning craftsmanship: We use handcrafted logs, timber framing or a combination of both to create an artistic and awe-inspiring home. Our hand-peeled log process involves hours of craftsmanship, and our timber framing demands extensive precision. The process behind these works of art speaks to their value and what makes them so unique. When you look at your custom log and timber home, you can see the precisely cut mortise and tenon connections and the eye-catching texture of hand peeling.
  • Impressive longevity: While these luxury custom homes offer artistic and high-end beauty, they’re also built to last. With our precision fabrication process, structural insulated panels (SIPs) and the Houseal Non-Settling System™, you can trust your log and timber home to last for generations.

Start Designing With PrecisionCraft Today

PrecisionCraft is a passionate team of designers and craftsmen dedicated to bringing your unique home vision to life. We collaborate with you from the very beginning to bring every element of your home together, from style influences and layout to the fabrication process that will create your desired look.

Enjoy the flexibility of a building process that is customized for you. Whether you love one of our Cabin Refined™ plans as-is or want to make adjustments, we can start designs from scratch or modify existing plans to suit you. Achieving your vision is our priority. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your options and begin your custom home design process.

Our Team Wins Awards

Our team of experts at PrecisionCraft have won many timber home awards, energy efficient awards, design awards, and home distinctions for over a decade and counting. Check out all the awards we’ve won and see why we stand out among the rest.


Check out our most recent awards from 2023:

Tributary Residence: 2023 Excellence in Timber Home Design (2,001 to 3,000 sq.ft.) – NAHB Building Systems Councils

Big Sky Residence: 2023 Excellence in Timber Home Design (3,001 to 4,000 sq.ft.) – NAHB Building Systems Councils

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