Suncadia View Elevation
Suncadia Patio Details
Suncadia Master Bedroom Patio
Suncadia Dining Room
Suncadia Kitchen
Suncadia Foyer
Suncadia Bathroom
Suncadia Shed Roof
Suncadia Master Bathroom
Suncadia Patio Entry
Suncadia Great Room
Suncadia Main Living Area
Suncadia Fire Pit
Suncadia Master Bedroom
Suncadia Timber Details
Suncadia Entry
Suncadia Great Room View
Suncadia Main Floor Plan

Suncadia Residence

Multiple shed roof ridges and a variety of angles give this distinct, modern timber frame home a unique profile. Traditional materials like timber and stone combined with contemporary touches of steel and glass to reflect the style of the Pacific Northwest.





3,987 sq. ft.

Mountain Style:

Timber Frame Home

Design Inspiration:

Cascade Floor Plan Concept

Featured In:

Timber Home Living June 2013
Rustic Architecture Fall 2013

Photos By:

Longviews Studios, Inc